La INDITA is Spanish which means a little female Indian - in an affectionate sort of way. Our food is from unique family recipes created by a "Little Indian Woman", Maria Garcia, a Tarascan Indian from the Mexican State of Michoacá (Mi-choa-khan). You will see her bobbing in and out of the kitchen supervising the meals - you can't miss her distinctively tiny size and her native Tarascan Indian classic features.

We are happy to serve you as our special guest. We offer unique home-style vegetarian and Mexican-Native American cooking from family recipes. In business since 1983, we pride ourselves on great-tasting food in a relaxing and family friendly environment. We use only the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. We feature a menu of delicate, tasteful, and uniquely delicious Tarascan Mexican-Tohono O'Odham style of cooking.

Maria Garcia recalls that when she balanced a small family food budget while trying to raise a growing family in Michoacá, and later on the Tohono O'Odham Reservation, she found herself creatively combining whatever was affordable and available in the market place. This inventive method of creative cooking resulted in Maria Garcia's recipes bearing familiar names but tasting different and delicious...and everyone loves her cooking!

The secret success of our menu lies in our dedication to using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients available and our commitment to producing freshly prepared meals daily in our kitchen. This combined with Maria Garcia's "a little bit of this and a little bit of that" recipes, has created the perfectly delicate, tasteful and uniquely delicious Tarascan Mexican-Indian style of home cooking that has made us famous.

One of the all-time favorites is the Chicken Enchiladas with green sauce. Accroding to Maria, the rich taste of the sauce that smothers the enchiladas is so delicious that it stands in a class of its own in unique flavor. Tasting is believing!

Another close favorite is the Chiles Rellenos. Customers have been heard chanting the name to show their love of the specially selected green chiles which are roasted, then stuffed with rich creamy cheese and dipped in a light egg batter with special herbs and condiments - then fried to perfection.

We thank you for your faithful patronage. We will proudly continue to serve our guests with exceptional food in a comfortable, homey environment. We hope that you will consider us part of your extended family, as we welcome you into ours. It is only with your patronage and support that we can continue to be an icon in Tucson for unique cross-cultural homemade recipes from "Mamacita Maria's Kitchen".